Edmon de Haro (Badalona, 1984) is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work focuses on concept illustration and visual communication. His projects include editorial illustration, book covers and magazine covers.

His work approach is based on finding the best means to create easy understandable and memorable images. 

He lives and works in Barcelona.


American Illustration 37, 39, 40, 41

Society of Illustrators 58, 60, 63, 66

3x3 Annual 16, 18

European Newspaper Awards Illustration Category 2023

Award of Excellence Society for News Design SND44

Bronze at ÑH 19 Lo Mejor del Diseño Periodístico en España/Portugal y América Latina

Shortlisted Premis Junceda 2017, 2018



Visual Conceptualization at the Art Direction Master.
Labasad School of Arts & Design (2020–2022)

Concept illustration for Dummies Masterclass.
Labasad School of Arts & Design (2021)


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